Российский Квантовый Центр Russian Quantum Center

Many-body Theory group / Группа Теория многих тел

Group lead: Руководитель: Georgy Shlyapnikov Георгий Шляпников

Research Topics: Направления исследований:

  • Topological quantum states; Топологические квантовые состояния;
  • Correlations and entanglement in spinor systems; Корреляции и спутанность в спинорных системах;
  • Novel many-body states in dipolar systems; Новые многочастичные состояния в дипольных системах;
  • Quantum gases in disorder. Квантовые газы в беспорядке.

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O. Lychkovskiy, O. Gamayun and V. Cheianov
Timescale for adiabaticity breakdown in driven many-body systems and orthogonality catastrophe
Physical Review Letters, 11 Oct 2017
arXiv.org:1611.00663. (accepted or in press).

O. Gamayun, O. Lychkovskiy, E. Burovski, M. Malcomson, V. Cheianov and M. Zvonarev
Quench-controlled frictionless motion of an impurity in a quantum medium
arXiv.org:1708.07665, 25 Aug 2017.

N. Il'in, E. Shpagina, F. Uskov and O. Lychkovskiy
Squaring parametrization of constrained and unconstrained sets of quantum states
arXiv.org:1704.03861, 12 Apr 2017.

O. Lychkovskiy
Large quantum superpositions of a nanoparticle immersed in superfluid helium
Physical Review B 93: 214517 (4 pp.), 28 Jun 2016

O. Gamayun, O. Lychkovskiy and V. Cheianov
Reply to ``Comment on `Kinetic theory for a mobile impurity in a degenerate Tonks-Girardeau gas'''
Physical Review E 92: 016102 (2 pp.), 8 Jul 2015

I.A. Fedorov, A.K. Fedorov, Y.V. Kurochkin and A.I. Lvovsky
Tomography of a multimode quantum black box
New Journal of Physics 17: 043063, 29 Apr 2015.

O. Lychkovskiy
Perpetual motion and driven dynamics of a mobile impurity in a quantum fluid
Physical Review A 91: 040101(R) (6 pp.), 24 Apr 2015

E.S. Redchenko and V.I. Yudson
Decay of metastable excited states of two qubits in a waveguide
Physical Review A 90(6): 63829 (12 pp.), 22 Dec 2014.

A.K. Fedorov, I.L. Kurbakov and Yu.E. Lozovik
Roton-maxon spectrum and instability for weakly interacting dipolar excitons in a semiconductor layer
Physical Review B 90: 165430, 21 Oct 2014

A.K. Fedorov, I.L. Kurbakov, Y.E. Shchadilova and Yu.E. Lozovik
Two-dimensional Bose gas of tilted dipoles: Roton instability and condensate depletion
Physical Review A 90: 043616, 16 Oct 2014

O. Gamayun, O. Lychkovskiy and V. Cheianov
Kinetic theory for a mobile impurity in a degenerate Tonks-Girardeau gas
Physical Review E 90: 032132, 23 Sep 2014

V.P. Michal, B.L. Altshuler and G.V. Shlyapnikov
Delocalization of weakly interacting bosons in a 1D quasiperiodic potential
Physical Review Letters 113: 045304, 23 Jul 2014

A.A. Makarov and V.I. Yudson
Spectrum of cascade spontaneous emission: General theory including systems with close transition frequencies
Physical Review A 89: 053806, 7 May 2014.

E.O. Kiktenko and A.K. Fedorov
Tomographic causal analysis of two-qubit states and tomographic discord
Physics Letters A 378: 1704 - 1710, 2 May 2014

E. Burovski, V. Cheianov, O. Gamayun and O. Lychkovskiy
Momentum relaxation of a mobile impurity in a one-dimensional quantum gas
Physical Review A 89: 041601(R), 14 Apr 2014

O. Lychkovskiy
Perpetual motion of a mobile impurity in a one-dimensional quantum gas
Physical Review A 89: 033619, 13 Mar 2014

I.A. Fedorov, A.K. Fedorov, Y.V. Kurochkin and A.I. Lvovsky
Complete characterization of a multimode quantum black box
arXiv.org:1403.0432, 3 Mar 2014.

A.K. Fedorov
Feynman integral and perturbation theory in quantum tomography
Physics Letters A 377: 2320 - 2323, 8 Nov 2013.

A.K. Fedorov and E.O. Kiktenko
Quaternion representation and symplectic spin tomography
Journal of Russian Laser Research 34: 477 - 487, 1 Sep 2013

A.K. Fedorov and A.I. Ovseevich
Asymptotic control theory for a system of linear oscillators
arXiv.org:1308.6090, 28 Aug 2013.

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